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Enjoy Kite-Surfing in front of Paradise Bay


Paradise Bay is perfectly located if you want do some watersports like KITE-SURF, WAKEBOARD, WATERSKI, etc.

You will be able to practice these sports right in front of Partadise Bay or in Rolleville Bay which is notorious for Kite-Surfing (2 miles away from our place).

For the beginners novices, we will gladly put you in touch with the local Kite-Surfing school, which is open during the best time for the Kite-Surfing in Exuma which is usually between December and May.


kite board paradise bay exuma bahamas

Exuma Kite-surfing


Far from the crowded beaches of Kite-Surf wings, you can get away for hours without hitting other Kite surfers.

On site, Gary the manager of the school of Kite-Surf Exuma (Certified IKO / PASA), offers numerous packages to learn Kite, you improve or simply take you kiting in unusual places.

Equipped with its BOSTON WHALER, its boards and sails, Gary is THE must-person on Exuma for all kiters!

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For the more experienced, you can even rent a boat and practice the Kite-Surf in the Exuma Cays'.


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