Boat tour Exuma Bahamas


Amazing exuma cays - Bahamas Paradise Bay

Discover the Bahamas during 3 full days of excursions !


For you, Paradise Bay and our local partners have developed an innovative concept allowing you to see the Bahamas differently.

Renowned for its sublime dives spots, deserted beaches, and its National Park, Great Exuma has everything to satisfy you !

Far from mass tourism, we intend to make you change your holiday habits through these days of activities, offering a wide range of wealth of the Bahamas :

Paradise being on YOUR ONLY WORLD island, a day to escape with the DISCOVERY OF PERFUME excursion, an exotic dose CHAT N'CHILL, half a day of private boat EVASION ...


alone on your own beach in the bahamas

Your very own Island


Enjoy an unforgettable moment, just you and your party on the island of your choice !

Spend a full day on the island of your choice. Enjoy the sun, the quiet, and the beauty of the seabed. You will have equipments for snorkeling, so you can contemplate the many corals along the coast of YOUR island, and the abundance of fish species that inhabit the waters of the Bahamas.

To make your stay unforgettable, we want you to live an extraordinary adventure closer to nature, with only the atmosphere, the brilliance of the waves on the shore, the wind in the coconut palms and the songs of birds.

This day includes : boat trip, beach equipment (umbrellas, buoys, etc..) and diving equipment (masks, snorkels, fins, etc. ...)

Boat tour with swimming pigs

Swimming pigs on the beach in Exuma

A voyage of discovery


Come see a sample of the wide variety of underwater landscapes, caves to the dimensions of cathedrals and the multitude of animal species living in a dream landscape !

A long full day of 8 hours, where you will discover unforgetable landscape !


bahamas snorkeling Paradise Bay

This trip will begin early in the morning by a boat trip and will be punctuated with many stops that will give you the opportunity to practice diving, visit the world famous Thunderball Grotto (huge cave where you will go diving) and meet famous Iguanas, a prehistoric species and protected in the Bahamas.

Have lunch at Black Point where you may be lucky enough to see one of the many sharks that live in the marina.



In the early afternoon, you return from the sea to meet the famous "swimming pigs", lost on a gorgeous beach in the middle of the Bahamas, before visiting the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago (sandbar, starfish , the mermaid, etc.).

This day includes : boat trip, snorkeling gears, (masks, snorkels, fins …) and free drinks on the boat.

An unforgettable day, allowing you to discover the flora and fauna of the Bahamas.

We work with a lot of local partners, they will pick you up right in from the hotel between 7:45 am and 8:30am and you will come bakc around 5pm.

Each company can carry between 15 to 45 people on their boat.


exuma chatnchill restaurant

Chat N' Chill


Enjoy the warmth and cosiness on Stocking Island, Bahamas.

Rent your own boat in Georgetown (boat licence NOT REQUIRED) and enjoy all the bay of Elizabeth Harbour, its beautiful coastline and its quiet coves, where the water is an incredibly deep blue-green.

Lunch at "Chat N'Chill", the most cheerful place on Exuma, where “good atmosphere” rhymes with “music”!

During your day, we recommend to discover all the beaches, you go to the sandbanks of Moriah Harbour and snorkeling in the many diving spots of the bay.

Emotions, new friends and discoveries guaranteed !

private boat tour paradise bay bahamas exuma

private boat tour paradise bay bahamas exuma



This tour is specially designed for couples Who wish to discover Reviews some of the Cays in privacy.

Unlike traditional excursions, leaving a half day ONLY you guys with a Bahamian captain, who will show you the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago.

An original way to visit the cays off the record ...

This walk through the cays of the Bahamas will be punctuated by many stops on beaches, swimming pigs, etc.

This day includes: pick-up at the Paradise Bay, boat transportation and diving equipment (masks, snorkels, purpose ...).


Paradise Bay boat tour exuma

Paradise Bay boat tour exuma

Half Day


Enjoy a half-day excursion to learn "spearfishing" or practice "snorkeling".

Snorkeling :

If you are a fan of "snorkeling" this tour is for you !

Take a half day trip tour with a local guide and make 2 snorkeling stops. It will take you on a coral reef to familiarize yourself with the seabed, before you discover one of the many "blue hole" in the Bahamas just a few meters deep.

This tour is only bookable on site. You will be able to choose if you prefer to do it in the morning or in the afternoon. According to the captain, the tour can be in different locations such as the Exuma Cays or in Georgetown area.

This day includes : boat trip, snorkeling gears, (masks, snorkels, fins …) and free drinks on the boat. (Transportation to the dock not included)

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Shark in the bahamas

Spearfishing :

Never spearfishing ? Now it's time to discover the local tools to catch fish. You will learn the different tricks by a Bahamian passionate and hopefully you will get some.

With gloves and sling, you should be able to catch snapper, grouper and even lobster.

Before leave, we will explain the risks of spearfishing.

The excursion starts at 10am and ends at around 1pm. We will go to 2 different places and then have a stop on a beach to prepare the fish. As soon as you come back in Paradise Bay, you will be really proud to cook your own fish.

People who just want come to watch the spearfishing are welcome.

This day includes : boat trip, snorkeling gears, (masks, snorkels, fins …). (Transportation to the dock not included)


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